Art As A Weapon

Owning a firearm is an assertion of your right to live. It is taking ownership of your responsibility to defend your own. Nobody else will. It is, after all, YOUR life. And your firearm? Is it truly YOURS? Or is it just some far-off factory's vague interpretation of a lowest common denominator?

si vis pacem, para bellum

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State-Of-The-Art technology that out-performs any competitive coating both in the lab and the real world, and looks good too!

Class leading rust prevention and chemical resistance are just some of the reasons why Cerakote is the World's #1 Firearm Finish

Are all cars still black? Are all PC's still white? There is a difference between merely having possession of your gun, and OWNING it.

be the 1st one through the door

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Factory Trained & Certified

We are the only Accredited Gunsmith and Cerakote Applicator in Africa to carry both Cerakote Firearm and High Temp Factory Certifications. With experience and training from 3 continents, we operate with the complete support and backing of the manufacturer.

Internationally Connected

We are senior members of some of the most elite guilds and coalitions of international firearm refinishing specialists. Mutual exchange of experience & information puts us ahead and above the normal international developments and standards.

Locally Supported

Located on the same premises as Shooting Stuff, one of South Africa's most trusted firearm dealers. Shooting Stuff is not only South Africa's Dillon Specialists, but also carry the SA agencies for some of the most exclusive firearm manufacturers in the world.