Pearls & Clears

put the ghost back in the gun

Pearls for Pie

One happy side effect of the long and difficult development of Pyroclastics, is that doing normal pearl effects (which is a related technology, but not exactly the same thing) are now easy as pie for us. Specifically, we do Ghost Pearls, and these can give any Cerakote Clearcoat a little extra sparkle if done right. Some types of color on some specific substrates, and substrates on which some patterns are done, may not be suitable to do a true PyroKote process with, and in these cases we can do a specifically developed mechanically bonded Ghost Pearl Cerakote.

The Advantages of a Clearcoat

Cerakote USA manufactures the world's leading clearcoats, but putting one over a normal Cerakote coating is not always necessary.
On some colors that are notoriously hard to keep clean, like Zombie Green or Prison Pink, we will always recommend a clearcoat, whether with or without pearl in it. With some techniques like Battleworn looks and some other schemes, a clearcoat is also sometimes recommended to even out the tonalities of the layers and act as an extra binding layer. And of course, with weapons that face above-average holster wear, a clearkote can extend the life of the coating.
You can always opt for a clearkote regardless of the need for it. Clearcoats provide extra protection, and they look damn good too. And of course, if so desired, if we do a clearcoat, we can put some pearls in it!

From Invisible to Vampire

Typically, well done pearls are virtually invisible in low light. Only in direct sunlight does one observe the a pearlescent hue which sparkles and shines. But even so, never to an extent that will distract you from shooting. They are the epitome of subtlety.

  • We only use the most expensive encapsulated-titanium-dioxide Pearls of the highest quality in the world
  • Our Pearls have Ceramic Grade temperature thresholds, typically upwards of 900C (which means your gun will actually melt before the pearls do)
  • Not so Simple

    Doing pearls in a Polymeric-Ceramic Compound, and within the tolerance limitations of firearms, is not as simple as mixing in some pearls with the paint. There is a lot of technical know-how and experience that goes into it, not to mention some specifically modified tools and tricks. We have taken the time to completely master this, and when it comes to Cerakoted Pearls on Firearms, we are, by a long shot, the best in world.

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