Personalized Custom Grafix

you are probably not a clone. why should your firearm be one?

It's YOUR gun

Why not put your mark on it?
We have spent a lot of time and effort to set up our own custom stencil design and cutting facilities, which means that we can make almost any pattern of camo there is, and we can go beyond that: Any writing in any font, or any symbol that we can make a stencil from, can be put on your firearm. And we can do this in any color. As long as you can give us a good enough example, or in the case of writing, enough details such as the name of the font, and it is something that can be "stencilized" and achieved within the limitations of ceramics, we can do it.

  • Using transfer tape methods, we can transfer intricately spaced fine stencils to the firearm exactly the way they were designed digitally.
  • Unlimited versatility. Think about this: We can even design an entire camouflage pattern using the letters from your name, or your favorite symbol.
  • Once we have your design digitalized, we can reproduce it on all your Cerakoted weapons, at any time. Once we have it, we have it for good.
  • Non Destructive Engraving

    We have enough control over the ridging on our stenciling to be able to mess with it, creating Faux Engraving effects that can later be removed in a future cerakote coating, if, for example, you decide to sell the gun. Put your name or the name of your firearm on your rifle's magplate, or a meaningful symbol on the slide...wherever, whatever, if we can make a stencil out of it, we can put it on the gun.

    Scale it

    We have complete control over our stencil making, so we can do a fine scaled version of your design to fit on a specific gun, and we can scale that up or down to suit any other weapon you may want to use it on. We can have as much control over the size, shape, spacing and effecting on letters and symbols as a commercial digital printing studio does.

    Real Design Artistry

    We can scale, angle, and position your design on your project in the perfect place, so it looks like it was meant to be there from the start. With years of experience in graphic design and fine arts, we can go well beyond just slapping a sticker on an open spot. More than making it a thing on your gun, we can make it a part of your gun, as if your firearm was designed around your graphic, instead of the other way around.

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