Protective & Restorative Cerakote

your gun protects you. cerakote protects your gun

All our Coatings are Hyper-Protective

We divided the services page up into sections that best describe the variety of options we offer in Cerakote. But of course, all our Coatings offer the same legendary Cerakote protection to your firearm. You can read more about the attributes of Cerakote on the "About Cerakote" page.

Limitless Color Choices

Cerakote produces over 90 factory colors in the H-Series alone, and from those we can mix almost any other shade. Combine that with the other Cerakote options we offer, like Patterns, Pyrokote and Pearls, and you will see that even an enormous color chart would be an exercise in futility. Rather than telling you what we have, it is often much simpler for you to just show us what you want.

Traditional Blueing and Stainless Substitutes

We have colors that closely resemble traditional Bluing or Stonewashed/brushed Stainless looks. So, if you choose to, you can have the advanced protection of a Cerakote finish on your firearm, without sacrificing the traditional look.

Let Cerakote take the Punches

Not your gun. We always say that if given two identical weapons, one coated with Cerakote, and the other with any traditional method, then after ten years of hard carry and use, they will probably both look like crap...
The difference is, the Cerakote gun can be re coated (many many times). The metal underneath will have been protected against rust and pitting, and the Cerakote would have taken the sting out of the worst dings, bumps and wear. The Cerakoted weapon will look new again and be good to go for another ten years, while the other weapon will probably be more or less ready to scrap.

Breathe New Life into an Old Friend

Even though the best time to begin protecting your gun is right away, it is never too late to start. With Cerakote you can bring that faithful weapon that has stood by you for so many years back into it's prime. Even the most prolific of competitive firearm coatings out there do not come close to the look and feel of a properly Cerakoted weapon. There is quite simply nothing like it, and you will fall in love with your old friend all over again.

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