Refractive Pyroclastics

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Unique Methodology

Pyrokote (or, to give it it's full name: Hyperbonded-Narrowband-Spectral-Refractive-Micrometric-Pyroclastic-Analogue-Saturated-Polymeric-Ceramic-Composite-Firearm-Coating) is a unique product that has taken us years to develop and test.
Using World-Leading Cerakote as a base, we add specific tephra analogues, including silicates, ceramics and eleven secret herbs and spices :)
Volcanic Pyroclastic fall deposit analogues, specifically those of the basal or sillar layer's ash fragments, includes unwelded ignimbrite, containing, amongst other things, crystal and trinitite-esque glass, some with very specific refractive properties, and so enabling color effects with refraction instead of pigment, which are super-saturated into the catalyzed solution, and applied with our own purpose built equipment, in a sequenced hyperbonding process that utilizes both chemical and mechanical fusing techniques in a specific thermic schedule, designed to negate the normal reductive effect on persistent bonding that insoluble particulates have when introduced into the mellifluent polymeric system.

We take some cool stuff, then mixit with some awesome stuff, then we awesome it on2 the gun, which we can do coz we R cool, n awesome. Then we make it hot so it can B even more cool, n more awesome. Then we cool it down so it can B even cooler and even more awesomer 2. Then we give it 2 U, so U 2 can be awesome. n Cool. Also. Then U B like "WTF....OMG!!:) xoxoxo". Then we B like "lol, ja, whateva"
  • Offers wear resistance on par to Factory Spec Double Cerakote Coating consisting of a Solid Color + Cerakote Clearkote.
  • Due to our unique inter layer bonding process, it can be done to tolerance sensitive coating depths on par with a normal Single Cerakote Mil-Spec Coating, under 30ยต .
  • Makes specific color timbres and metallic effects possible with Cerakote that would otherwise have been unachievable.
  • Like Pearl?

    We have often, after showing people this, heard the comment "Oh, so it's like Pearl?". Yes, it can be said to be "like pearl", in the same way one can say that acrobatic flying is "like fishing", since both can be done wearing a hat.

    Exclusive Process

    It took us a LOT of blood, sweat, tears, time and money to work this out, and we ain't tellin' or sellin'. If it was not done by us, it's not Pyrokote.

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