Battleworn FX

never pick a fight with an old man

Known by Many Names

The Battleworn look is also known as BattleBorn, Distressed, Spartan, Old-Look, Antique, War-weary, or amongst scrapbookers as "The Rustic Look" (Although we have no idea what "Rustic" means...but, whateva...). It is a style of coating where the firearm is made to look worn or aged in a characterful and artistic way.
There are many more ways and variations of doing this that there are names for it, and we are happy to say we can do them all. Like many things in life, this is one of the easier techniques to do, but one of the most difficult to do RIGHT.

Keep the Character

Some gun owners are rightfully proud of the wear and tear on their guns. But wear and tear can lead to other complications. Exposed sections of the firearm can be subjected to faster wear and faster oxidation. Light pitting can quickly become serious rust. With Battleworn you can have buckets of character on your gun, while still giving it the full protection of Cerakote. And you can have the evocative and immersive veteran look of a truly used firearm, while it is still a new and reliable one.

Don't loose it, USE it

We can, using any combination of Cerakote Colors, and using any of the techniques and schedules we know, make a brand new weapon look like a rust bucket, or like a historic piece, or even like a hardened combat veteran.

In the same vein, we can take an old scarred and pitted weapon, and instead of a cosmetic surface restoration, we can do a Distressed/Battleworn look on it that USES it's pitting and scratch marks as part of the design. This is much more affordable than surface restoration, and in our opinion, much cooler, because it retains the gun's history and character in an artistic way.

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