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Cerakote.co.za offers you the chance to have your firearm transformed into what you have always wanted it to be. Whether it is old and beat up, or brand new, your weapon protects you, and Cerakote is the best protection you can give it back.

Now that you have found us, you probably have a few questions. We have collected the most frequently asked questions below. Some serious and some less so :) We hope we can answer them here, but if not, please contact us at info@cerakote.co.za

(what is a "solid color project"?) The main prices on this website are ballpark quotes for single/solid color schemes, where there is no more than one color on any one part. For example, a pistol could have one color on the slide, another color on the frame, and even a third color for the controls, and that is still the same price as a "solid color project". An additional charge is only added when more than one color is used on any SINGLE part of the weapon, for example if there is a camo scheme, or pattern or such.
All our projects are still quoted individually, so take note that the pricing tables on this website are only guidelines.

Solid Colors

1 Extra Color

2 Extra Colors

3 Extra Colors

Virtually anything you can see on the internet, in a magazine or have a T-shirt of, we can do or match. We are not a production facility, so we really have no set of patterns to choose from. Each job we do is unique and custom.
Send us an e-mail. In the e-mail, describe the firearm you want to have done (Make, model etc), then describe exactly what you would like to have done (Which colors, which parts, or include a picture if you like. If you are unsure of the exact color, ask us, we will help). In the case of a pattern or camo scheme, include pictures of examples (could be of another gun, or even a T-shirt or whatever is needed to illustrate what you would like). Also say if there are any specific requirements for turnaround time. For example, if it is your carry weapon, and you can only be without it for a day or two, or if it is a weapon that can be here for a long time. All this will affect the quote.
We will then see if it is a project we would like to do, and if so, we will calculate the quote, as well as how long it would take, and when it can be done, and e-mail you back. Please allow 1 working day for replies to e-mails.
Sure, but, no final or official bookings, briefings or quoting can be made via phone, text or facebook. Only by e-mail or in person . You are welcome to phone us if there is a specific question you would like to ask, or to check that we are at the workshop before you visit.
Please do not phone us and say "tell me about Cerakote", or try to describe the camo pattern you have in your head to us. Remember, we run a workshop, and it is a busy one. Rather email us. We spend hours every day answering all e-mails comprehensively, and with e-mail it is possible for us to take the time to give proper accurate answers, track briefings and process pictures properly (And in this business, if you are not talking in pictures, you may as well not be talking at all)
Yes, you are welcome to do so. But the turnaround time may be long. We will tell you what turnaround time to expect when you do that. It is also good to just phone us to check that we are there, before driving through to us. For un-booked projects that require fast turnaround times, we may charge an extra "drop everything and do this now" fee. Usually about 50% of the normal price.
This depends on the nature and scope of the project, and it's specific circumstances. Mostly we will invoice you after the project has been completed. Other times we will invoice you and expect payment in full before even scheduling the project. There are many aspects that determine this. We accept payment by EFT, Card or Cash.
RAM Couriers can legally transport firearms in South Africa. Please note that you must organise and pay for the courier yourself, and when we have completed the project, you must again send RAM for the pickup yourself. If you happen to be close to one of the many dealers who send work to us, you can have the firearm transported by them. E-mail us to hear if there is such a dealer in your area.
If you live far away, but know you will be traveling to near us on specific dates, let us know, and we will see if it is possible to help you out on those dates.
No. We do not accept disassembled firearms except from selected gunsmiths and manufacturers. Getting a good overview of the weapon during disassembly, and testing for function after re-assembly are vitally important for quality control. Sometimes , like when we are doing a rifle stock only, or a set of AR grips, it may be fine for you to just bring in those pieces. Check with us for more info. There are, however, a few items which we INSIST the client must disassemble/reassemble themselves : Scope-Rings & Scope-Mounts: These MUST be fully disassembled by the client. Also, any non-firearm project (such as knives) must be disassembled and re-assembled by the client. If an item that requires disassembly by the client arrives and is not completely 100% disassembled, the project will be cancelled.
That depends on the project. Some things can be done in 12 hours, some will need to be here for a few months. Generally, the longer the project can be here, the less the quote will be. Also the further in advance we can book a specific date for the project, and finalise the brief, the shorter the turnaround time can be. For un-booked projects that require fast turnaround times, we may charge an extra "drop everything and do this now" fee. Usually about 50% of the normal price.
Yes. We appreciate heads-up if you are not going to make your booking, so just let us know, even if it is just a day before. We will not penalize you in any way. If you simply just do not show up without any word, we will assume it is because you have died, and will treat future attempts by you to make bookings accordingly :)

All projects commissioned to Cerakote South Africa are subject to our Terms & Conditions. View the PDF file here: Terms & Conditions . Also, before we accept a project, we will inform you if there are any specific terms and conditions for that specific type of firearm.

Guns & Fly Fishing did a very cool review of us a while back, and we allowed them to photograph some of our non-proprietary steps. Check it out at GAFF
Cerakote is applied very thinly at around 12.7 to 25.4 micron/0.5 to 1.0 Mils (a Mil is 1/1000th of an inch). All our projects are checked with a Digital Coating Thickness Gauge before getting signed off, to ensure they fall within the Manufacturer's Specifications.
Perhaps. Cerakote is engineered to be very thin (to not affect tolerances on firearms), and any previous surface imperfections will still be visible. However, Cerakote's rust prevention is off-the-scale good, so you can be assured those pits will never get worse. All decay inside them will be stopped in it's tracks.
To remove pitting is a cosmetic exercise that involves using a high tech metal filler and smoothing out the surface prior to refinishing (a little bit like with car bodywork). Such Surface Restoration is a long, expensive and difficult process, and is in the end, purely cosmetic. We do it on request, and quote for such work per project. There are also awesome "Battleworn" looks we can do with Cerakote, that uses scratches and pitting on guns as part of the effect.
Cerakote is one of the hardest coatings there is, but it is not proof against abuse. It will be subject to wear as anything on earth is. However, combined with it's unmatched rust prevention, it's thin-ness, and the choice of colors available, it is by far the best protection you can put on your weapon. If a gun is Cerakoted, and a similar gun is blued or coated by something else, and we get the weapons back after 10 or 20 years of hard use, both will look pretty beat up. BUT, the Cerakoted gun will be pristine underneath, and can be re-coated to be as good as new, while the other will have lots of pitting and other rust related issues, above and sub surface, and will probably be just about ready to be scrapped.
Cerakote may be the hardest and most rust resistant coating there is, but it is not a magic shield. Abuse, abrasive holsters and wear and tear will still happen. It will just happen at a slower rate. To see how tough Cerakote is, view ASTM test results at the bottom of our Gallery Page. You can also download the Full Cerakote Technical Report in PDF. Cerakote does not fade or age. Unless it is worn down by use, it will remain as it is for life.
We have seen guns used for 2 years of regular sport shooting and everyday carry, with barely a scratch. We have also seen guns with serious holster wear after a day. If you want to ensure your gun always looks as good as the day we finished it, wrap it in a towel and put it in the safe permanently. If you do not want to do that, take care of it, and have some reasonable expectations (and get a nice holster or bag like you want to put a frikkin expensively re-finished gun into it). If anyone tells you XYZ coating (like Cerakote) is 100% bulletproof, scratch proof, and as hard as diamonds, you are dealing with a fraudster, and you should grab your wallet and run like hell. Cerakote is wear RESISTANT, not wear PROOF.
We do 100% guarantee against technical failure of the coating, and future flaking, peeling and cracking, for life. Technical failing of the coating will mostly be apparent immediately, and we would pick that up and redo it before it is even delivered. We also guarantee against a failure to coat...iow, if we actually accidentally missed an important spot completely. We unfortunately cannot control the use and environment of the firearm once it leaves our care, and can therefore not guarantee against wear and tear.
Yes. Cerakote is not a life choice, we can always redo it.
Yes and No. Part of the prep work for any professional coating involves removing the factory finish. You can always have the coating blasted off, and the Cerakote redone, or have another finish or treatment (perhaps the same as the factory finish) re-applied. In the case of plastics and polymer, once they are coated, they will always have to be coated with something.
We have most of the Cerakote range of colors in stock, and can order in if needed. We can also mix any custom color ourselves. We will not try to talk you into the colors we have in stock (or that are getting old!). We will do the color YOU WANT. We order fresh batches of Cerakote very few weeks, so odd color requests can be planned for easily.
Mostly yes, but be aware that you will almost certainly loose your factory guarantee if you do it, and, there is always a small chance that the scope may be damaged in the process. (We have never lost one, but it could happen). Be very very sure that it is necessary before having your scope re-finished, by us or by anybody else.
We can to a large extent control this aspect of the coating in preparation, and can do almost any color in tones from full gloss through Silky Satin, right up to chalk-board matt, and everything in between. Talk to us about this if you have something in mind for your project, or specific finish requests.
Not really at this stage, we absolutely specialize. But you are welcome to talk to us about it!
We ask ourselves that same question every damn day.
You could just go ahead and invent whatever answer you like best, then wait for the universe to change enough to suit it.
Alternatively, you could email it to us. We will answer it, and if it is indeed a good one, we will add it to this page. If it isn't, then the first option may be the quicker one.