Patterns & Camouflage

invisible has never looked as good as this

Anything you can think of

We design and cut our own high quality vinyl stencils in our own Design Studio. That means that almost any pattern you can think of can be done.
AND: because we do it ourselves, we can do it in any scale, in any variation, and with any combination of colors you choose.

If we can see it, we can hit it

All you need to do is give us an example. Some people send pictures of other guns. Some send pictures of tanks and aircraft :). You can even bring in a T-shirt. As long as we can SEE what you are talking about, we can hit it out of the ballpark.

  • We were one of the very first Cerakote Applicators to break the "4 color limit". Thus, we can stack up multiple multi color layers with minimal or sometimes even zero ridging (ridging is the difference in coating thickness between different layers)
  • Since we were one of the first Cerakote Applicator in the world to perfect the formula and methodology for mechanical re-keying on Cerakote, we can do very complex inverted color and compound pattern designs that were previously impossible with Ceramics.
  • High quality (but difficult to work with) heat resistant imported stencil materials means we have minimal "curve lifting" (where the stencil lifts on a compound curve or edge, allowing unwanted spray-in), and maximum definition in shape, at almost any scale.
  • One-of-a-Kind

    Our custom designed stencil sets are applied by hand, by an actual ARTIST (Not some out-of-work asshat who once saw a video about it on YouTube). This means that every project we do is completely fingerprint-unique, even if it utilizes the same stencil set and color selection as another.

    Camouflage Specialists

    We do not only do awesome looking camo patterns for the civilian market and sport shooters. We also do combat oriented camouflaged weapons for our brothers and sisters in the specialised armed forces, private security sector, and wildlife protection services. From handguns for chopper pilots, to assault weapons for rangers, to sniper rifles for anti poaching units: We have a unique knowledge of South African conditions and requirements, and we can deliver it like a bullet.

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